CR0Tech is a new initiative which aims to establish Croydon as South London’s technology hub.

Through a combination of partnerships and alliances we aim to bring the tech community together, represent their interests and work to position Croydon as a hub of innovation, creativity and technology.

A Boring OfficeEarly in 2012 we aim to open a dedicated coworking space in the centre of Croydon. It will provide individuals, freelancers and businesses working in the technology and creative industries with access to work space, meeting rooms and a range of support services. The focus will be on providing a balance between low-cost and high quality.

We intend to plan, host and deliver a calendar of events to support our aims and benefit the community. Social gatherings, training seminars, product demonstrations, job fairs and exhibitions will together offer a combination of private and public technology related events at subsidised rates or for free wherever possible.

From 2012 we will introduce a series of training events in association with 3rd party providers to offer training and skills development to members and the wider community. These will focus on technology and digital media and cover areas such as social media, online marketing, web development and communications.

We aim to work with the local authority and other stakeholders to ensure Croydon is regenerated and rejuvenated on a sustainable basis. Our contribution will focus on attracting new businesses and new jobs to the area, thereby supporting its economic development and generating additional employment for local people.

We will work hard to improve Croydon’s image and make the case for it to be the preferred destination for tech start-ups in South London. Through marketing, PR and communications activity we will highlight Croydon’s strengths. We will also work with partners, supporters and the wider community to lobby for positive change.

CR0Tech is about community. Our goal is to establish a friendly and supportive community that brings together established and fledgling technology businesses from across Croydon, South London and beyond. Another objective is to support the local non-tech community, by providing local groups and organisations with access to technical training and support.

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